A short listing in tabular form of some of our projects can be inquired at contact(at)

XOP for solving ODEs with sparse matrices

The stock Igor Pro operation IntegrateODE is a very good fit for problems with dense matrices. For sparse matrices however, problem sizes of more than a thousand equations result in unbearable long execution times.

Based on the Sundials/SuiteSparse libraries we developed an XOP optimized for very large problem sizes and sparse matrices. Now more than a million equations can be solved in a very short time. The customers are a university and a government research facility (USA).

Technical details

  • Platform: Igor Pro 8 (Windows 10 und MacOSX)
  • C++11
  • CMake
  • Tests (Igor UTF)
  • Documentation in Igor ihf-format

MatrixFileReader XOP

Measurement data of a ultra-high vacuum scanning tunneling microscope from Scienta Omicron can be read fast and conveniently. more...

STM/STS Data Evaluation Framework

Based on the project MatrixFileReader XOP a graphical user interface for data evaluation for loading, evaluation and export of STM measurement data was developed. more...