Physics Problems Solved in Software

We offer extensive know-how and a physicists perspective on problems concerning:

  • Design and development of classes/functions/programs especially in the field of data evaluation, interfacing with measurement hardware, numerics and simulation/optimization
  • Usage of proved and robust mathematical techniques
  • Creation of unit tests
  • Documentation in English/German, both in the code and as a manual


Main languages:

  • C++ 03/11/14/17 (including STL and Boost), C, Java
  • Igor Pro 5-8
  • Python 2/3, Lua
  • Fortran (all versions)


Special expertise:

  • WaveMetrics Igor Pro XOPs on Windows and MacOSX (notarized for Catalina/Big Sur)
  • Matlab
  • Tango device servers
  • GUI-Design and development with the QT-Framework
  • Hardware interfaces GPIB, RS-232
  • Data formats HDF/HDF5, NetCDF