STM/STS Data analysis solution

Based on the development of the MatrixFileReader XOP a graphical user interface was developed for Igor Pro. This will allow the user to load, evaluate, prepare for publication and export all types of SPM/STS data.

A preview shows all data from one result file. Depending on its type, the data is put into different subgroups, which can then be chosen from the popup menu on the left. In the figure the sub group “All” is selected. The data shown in the figure is a Z/I topography scan, with the most important meta data shown on the right. The green border around the inset graphs indicate that the data from the top and bottom rows was acquired at the same time. A double click in the inset graphs will open a new data window for them. The “Update” button checks the result file for recently acquired data and updates the preview if appropriate.

Data window with topographic data, the profile window and the FFT window. A typical analysis of topographic data includes the extraction of profiles. These profiles can be moved, rotated, enlarged/shrinked from both the mouse and keyboard. The fourier transformations panel adds convenient tools for working in the reciprocal space, including distance measurements and data filtering.

Data window with Grid Spectroscopy data. The main graph holds the topographic scan which is overlayed with the spectroscopy positions. Below the main window a single spectroscopy curve is shown, its spatial source position can be adjusted with the X/Y Sliders. The selected grid point is also shown in the main window
with a plus marker or dotted lines depending on the settings. On the right hand side two dimensional cuts of the 3D grid data are shown. Both cut graphs are equipped with sliders to select the cut position. The two dimensional cuts can be exported as movies and displayed in a waterfall plot. For more advanced data anal-
ysis the cut direction and length can be arbitrarily choosen in the X-Y plane.